Research - The Green Suite

The Green Room is a bright, homely event space that can be used for various different research activities. The flexible room design allows us to work with lots of set up styles including standard research tub chairs, boardroom style tables, and lounge style seating.  The room is ideal for researching TV content and services with a full range of set top boxes available it is also great for big stimulus research with wide doors and ground floor access.  See our 'Big Studios' video for more info.



Sessions can be viewed through a one way mirror and via a video link into two additional rooms.  Eight to ten clients can be seated behind the one way mirror and up to twenty respondents can be filmed in the Green suite.



UP TO      



EVENING  (6pm.onwards)


 2 hours

      £400     £500                                    

3 hours

      £500     £600                                    

4 hours

      £600     £700                                    

5 hours

      £700     £800                                    

6 hours

      £775      £900                                    

8 hours  


This is a basic room hire cost which includes basic research capability such as session recordings, respondent refreshments, use of flip charts/whiteboards, client viewing through video monitors & hostessing. For prices on unlimited usage for using all TV services and games consoles or a bespoke technology set-up please call 0208 747 4593.  


Click here download the Green Suite floorplans.


Contact Us

To find out more about the Green Suite, pricing or any of the other iBurbia studios call us on 0208 747 4593 email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.For more information on using the studios for TV system reviews click here.