Workspace (NearDesk)

iBurbia Studios offers spacious, flexible work space for days when commuting into central London just isn't possible. Avoid the stress of train strikes, the distraction of home working and book work space at the easily accessible and convenient iBurbia Studios. iBurbia's friendly staff will cater to your specific requirements to make for a successful visit.

iBurbia Studios provides:

  • Quiet and light rooms
  • Free wifi
  • Video/web conferencing
  • Free parking
  • Laptop Hire 
  • Desk space
  • Technology Support
  • Printing Facilities 

Executive Workspace

Nigel's Office Brighter   Copy  

Price: £20 per hour (not available to book on NearDesk)


Small Shared Work Space

Ideal for smaller groups (2+ Persons)

Cost: £8/hour or £48/day (Can be paid through NearDesk)

 4 IrisRoomSmall



iBurbia Studios is partnered with NearDesk. NearDesk offers an ‘oyster’ card payment system for deskspace, where you tap in and out only paying for the time that you use the space. There are over 250 locations across the UK.

NearDesk automated payment cards can brought directly through iBurbia Studios.