iBurbia Studios to host Decipher Antenna Programmes

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Here at iBurbia Studios we are excited to announce the return of the popular Antenna Programme; the interactive sessions run in partnership with Decipher.

The Antenna Programme is a series of half-day, interactive media education sessions which are intended to allow people in and around the TV industry to stay up-to-date with the wave of technological change engulfing the industry and to debate critically the merits of what is happening. The sessions are based on a curriculm that evolves as media tech changes, reflected in the continually updated live services at iBurbia.

Making full use of the live services at iBurbia Studios, Decipher Consultants will demo the latest in TV tech, services, devices, TV platforms and set top boxes enabling a complete understanding of the current landscape. There is also opportunity to use the devices yourself and question there functionality.

Click here for more information on the Antenna Programme and Media Education, as well as other courses available.


Current Interactive Sessions:

140121 Current TV Landscape Thumb

Current TV Landscape

2016 promises to be a busy and significant year for the UK TV industry: new set-top boxes (Sky Q), new entrants (Vodafone), and new questions (where next for Amazon and Netflix?).
Sweeping across the latest developments in the pay TV, free-to-air TV, SVOD and wider online video markets, let Decipher lead you through the emerging UK TV landscape in this interactive, half-day session. Click here for more info.
Upcoming London Dates: 9th March (BOOK NOW), 17th March (BOOK NOW), 15th June, 14th September and 23rd November
Upcoming Manchester Dates: 2nd March (BOOK NOW), 8th June, 14th September and 30th November 

New TV Advertising

New tv ads web

Two big themes loom large over TV advertising as we move into 2016: the rise of addressability and targeting (with systems such as Sky’s AdSmart and AdVance technologies), and the convergence of TV with the “ad tech” traditionally associated only with the web.

In this interactive, half-day session, Decipher explores the latest in television advertising technology and innovation as the worlds of broadcast and web continue to converge. Click here for more info.

Upcoming London Dates: 9th March (BOOK NOW) and 14th September

Upcoming Manchester Dates: 2nd March (BOOK NOW) and 14th September


140121 Evolving TV Content (Thumb)Evolving TV Content 

A wave of tech and service innovation in 2016 promises new models and formats for getting content into consumers’ homes.

In this interactive, half-day session, Decipher helps you get to grips with new content services, formats and technologies that are finding their way on to consumers’ screens – inside and outside the living room. Click here for more info. 

Upcoming London Dates: 15th June and 23rd November

Upcoming Manchester Dates: 8th June and 30th November