TV Meets Tech - Event Case Study






The Event

The event was hosted by TV Triangle, a networking group for the growing media technology and digital TV industry cluser in West London. 'TV Meets Tech' was a contribution to London Technology Week, a week long series of tech events showcasing innovation and development in London's tech scene. 

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Intended to be a sampler of the kind of innovation that the TV industry is inspiring, the event allowed a combination of small, medium and large companies show off the new thinking about the future of TV.  

The TV Meets Tech Event was a showcase of the TV industry’s impact on digital tech innovation in the UK. It highlighted how the TV industry is developing a unique relationship with the tech/digital start up community.


The Brief 

iBurbia was to host the event, providing administrative and infrastructure support to the various companies and start-ups exhibiting at the event. iBurbia was also needed to provide catering in the form of drinks and light refreshments for the event. With up to 150 attendees and 12 exhibitors attending the event, iBurbia's assistance was needed to plan and prepare for the event as well as assist on the day with infrastructure and technical requirements.

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  • The event required set up assistance for all of the exhibitors, organising them in their spaces and making sure technical needs were met. iBurbia needed to be configured to allow the exhibitors to erect their own branding at their stands, as well as have space for attendees to move around the event. 
  • Catering, drinks and light refreshments were also to be provided by iBurbia, with extra staff brought in to maintain these as well as keep the building tidy and functional during the event.

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  • Thanks to iBurbia's flexible spaces, it was an easy choice for TV Triangle to host the event here. Combined with the technical facilities that iBurbia offers, the studio spaces lend themselves to large events, with public areas as well as smaller breakout rooms nearby. Large glass partitions meant that exhibitors could be in their own rooms but not obscured from view.

DSC 8099 - CapablueDSC 8066 - SimplestreamDSC 8196 - Matthew Paul and Simon


  • Registration was made easy with name badges already prepared and a hostess at the entrance on arrival, ensuring a smooth start to the day. The communal space at the studio made a great networking area for the delegates so they could enjoy drinks and snacks, gettings hands-on with the interactive space to enjoy the tech demos available to them. iBurbia also rented outdoor benches and umbrellas so that attendees could relax in the sun during the event.

DSC 8083 - Entrance

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